Other Digital Projects

Red Land Black Land

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Role: Lead Game Designer

Description: Red Land Black Land is an educational mod of Civilization V, and allows users to play through the history of Ancient Egypt using archaeological knowledge in order to improve their gameplay. During the NEH-ODH funded project, I acted as Lead Game Designer and led a team of programmers in completing the mod. In addition to this, I provided all of the written content, designed the gameplay structure, and provided the educational framework.

Campus Unearthed

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Role: Lead Museum Designer

Description: Campus Unearthed is a digital museum designed for the MSU Campus Archaeology Program to allow for users to view the artifact collections and our interpretations of campus history. It is based on the Omeka platform and was constructed by myself in 2011.


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Role: Alpha Design and Programming

Description: msu.seum is a mobile app that allows users to interact with the rich archaeological and archival heritage of Michigan State University’s campus, and understand how current archaeological research is helping to uncover it. It provides a location based experience of campus heritage through your mobile device.