Teaching Reviews

Introduction to Archaeology

Average Reviews (5) far above average, 4) above average, 3) average, 2) below average, 1) far below average)

  • Was the instructor receptive to new ideas and other’s viewpoints?
    • 4.25
  • Did the instructor stimulate class discussion?
    • 4.39
  • Was the amount of material covered appropriate to the level of the course?
    • 4.08
  • Did the assignments mesh with the course objectives?
    • 4.16
  • Did the instructor present the course objectives at the beginning of the class?
    • 4.16
  • Was the instructor regularly prepared for class?
    • 4.45
  • Was the class well organized?
    • 4.34
  • Did the instructor motivate you and generate interest in Anthropology?
    • 4.13
  • Did you generally enjoy the class?
    • 3.98

Comments (open answers to what instructor has done well and suggestions, no edits were made to these so grammar and spelling mistakes are original to the review)

  • So friendly and personable. Ethusiasm is unmatchable. She is so excited to teach… Even though I am not a social science major, I loved this course and really wish I had the ability to work with this instructor again. If I had time in my schedule, I’d love to explore my newfound interest in archeology. She should really teach for the rest of her life.
  • She is the first professor to really embrace the digital aspect of teaching, as well as show us how to use the technology to expand our research.
  • Katy’s enthusiasm made me excited for every class session. She is very approachable and easily answers questions.
  • She has been very prepared and enthusiastic about the course. I liked the way the assignments are structured.
  • I loved your attitude and I enjoyed the content you discussed in class- very interesting.
  • She was enthusiastic which helped make the material more interesting.
  • A lot of in-class activities created discussion. Also liked how she was very into the subject.
  • I like that she gave us options on how to turn in assignments. Blending technology with the course was a good idea.
  • I enjoy the course and like that she allowed students to have a voice.
  • I really enjoyed the online learning tools incorporated into the course as well as your passion and enthusiasm… I thoroughly enjoyed this course and plan to recommend it to others in the future.
  • Katy was always super enthusiastic and passionate in the subject matter. She is also very adept with the online aspects of the course.
  • One of the most fun and interesting classes I have taken at State!
  • Integration of technology into the classroom: Storify and Twitter, AWESOME… Her passion for archaeology; its so much easier to learn from someone who is engaged and passionate.
  • She has kept the class really engaging throughout the semester. I also liked the diversity she added into the assignments she had done.
  • Made lectures engaging- case studies, activities, think pair share, etc. Very approachable. Related topics in a systematic manner.
  • This course was extremely well organized and put together and the exams/quizzed given were appropriate. I also liked how you were so enthusiastic everyday; it made me more interested in the topics we studied.
  • Most enthusiastic prof I’ve ever had. Genuinely enjoyed listening to her lectures. Her positive and upbeat demeanor made me actually enjoy coming to class and never made the class feel super long. I wish all my profs were this passionate about what they’re teaching.
  • Katy was always clear and interesting when relating class material, adding anecdotes that were both informative and amusing. She supplemented the course reading with lots of interesting articles and videos and I genuinely enjoyed this class, even though it had nothing to do with my major.
  • Present archaeology in an enjoyable and approachable manner, lectures were informative as well as fun to listen to/learn from. The “you’re hired” sections and examples made abstract concepts and methods easy to grasp.